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Finds ways to improve your link popularity and get higher rankings. Increase traffic and rankings by exchanging links with other sites. Contact related businesses to place links pointing to you. Most engines and directories use link popularity to rank sites.

Increase your traffic by creating an extensive directory of links to sites that are in a similar field as you but not direct competitors.

Place ads on your site that link to products and services on other sites. These sites pay you based on either unique clicks, per lead or a percent of sales.

Search engines are a very important source of quality traffic. Learn how search engine optimization can improve your ranking in the search engines.

Do you cringe at the thought of spending more and more money to advertise your home business, product or service each month? If you can change the way you look at advertising costs and change the way you advertise, your home business will grow beyond your wildest dreams. (see below).

Home Business Advertising Is Not An Expense
By Ken Leonard Jr

Do you cringe at the thought of spending more and more money to advertise your home business, product or service each month? If you can change the way you look at advertising costs and change the way you advertise, your home business will grow beyond your wildest dreams.

As a small business owner, you should always be looking for ways to cut expenses and increase revenue. Expenses are anything that is required for your business to function. This can include web site hosting, copywriting or ghost writer fees, office rent and utilities, payment processing fees and even payroll for your office staff.

Anything that is designed to bring in sales or leads (and is measurable) is not an expense. Measurable, trackable advertising costs and sales force commissions and salaries are not expenses. These costs are an investment in your business and your future.

Measurable advertising that is designed to produce a certain measurable action is referred to as "direct response marketing". Advertising dollars spent on directing a targeted audience to respond via a web site, email address or a special phone number is always an investment, not an expense.

For a home business or small business, it is not always practical to try and "get your name out" to your target audience (known as "branding") by spending thousands and thousands of dollars. A more effective way to advertise would be to run ads that attract the attention of your target audience and entice them to perform "your most desired action".

The desired action may be to visit a product web site, which could result in an immediate sale. A business owner that considers advertising an investment would make sure that the desired action at their web site is to collect lead information above all else. That web site could make some sales, but a mechanism to capture personal contact information of interested visitors will generate many more qualified leads. Through follow up contact, these leads could produce many more sales over time than the initial visit to the web site would.

Another desired action in your ad could be for the prospect to call a phone number for more information. They would give the phone person their mailing address (to receive a promotional package) and their phone number (that a sales person would use to contact them).

In either case, the follow up closes the deal, not the ad or the first visit to a web site. And if you can't close them with repeated follow ups, you can offer them other products and services related to the original offer that they may be interested in. Your product may be too expensive for them, but a cheaper similar product may be just what they were looking for!

Tracking and measuring your direct response advertising is as easy as tracking web site visits vs. how many prospects ask for more information (by giving their contact information) for each ad. Measuring how well an ad with a phone number pulls is as easy as using a different extension (Ext.321 for example) or contact name (Ask for Vicky) in each ad for the caller to ask for.

The list of contacts that grows from your investment of advertising dollars will give your home business real tangible value. You will be building a long term asset every time you advertise, instead of just doing another one time promotion (and hoping that you will at least break even). An email list is a very valuable asset for a small business, as is a house list of mailing addresses to use with direct mail campaigns.

So the next time you are buying advertising and think you are adding to your monthly expenses, think again. When you are looking to cut expenses, don't look at your ad budget. As long as you are using direct response advertising methods and your primary activity is collecting qualified leads, the cost will always be an investment in the future of your home business.

If you are not willing to invest in your own business, you have bigger problems than trying to cut expenses.

About the author:
Ken Leonard Jr. publishes New Marketer Ezine,
the Home Business Coaching newsletter.

Boost Your Traffic and Profits with Content
By Robert Kleine

Are you aware of how vitally important and valuable CONTENT is to
your online business? In fact, content can do more to build your
business and profit*s than just about any other resource or
service available.

Following is a list of 5 key ways that content can help build
your traffic, subscribers, and customers starting today!...

1. Boost your search engine ranking and daily visitor count by
posting keyword rich articles and content on your web-site. For
example, if your business involves offering products and
services related to fitness, posting fitness related articles
and content will attract unlimite*d prospective customers on a
regular basis!

2. Generate double or even triple the number of newsletter
subscribers you do currently, simply by offering content in the
form of "special reports" or manuals as bonuses for
subscribing to your publication. People love freebies, so give
them what they want and watch as your results increase!

3. Create an automated cashflow by using content to formulate
multi-part email training courses with related web-site or
affiliate links "sprinkled" throughout each course. Use an
autoresponder service to automate the delivery of your training
course (such as a 5 part training course delivered over a 5 day

Training courses can also serve as excellent bonus offers for
your prospective newsletter subscribers.

4. One of the most important keys to a successful online
business is not JUST having a list of mailing list or newsletter
subscribers... It's about building a trusting relationship with
your subscribers (ie, "cultivating" your list)...

By sending informative articles (content) to your list on a
regular basis you will establish yourself as an expert on your
topic of business, as well as gain the trust of your subscribers
over time. As a result, your subscribers will be EAGER to take
advantage of your "paid" product and service offers. (Just
make sure that you NEVER take advantage of the relationship you
develop with your list by offering products or services of poor
quality just to make a quick buck!)

If there is one "constant" in Internet marketing, it's this:
A cultivated list of subscribers is as good as money in the
bank. Write that down and never forget it!

5. Another excellent way to generate no cos*t traffic is by
submitting ready-made articles to "content hungry" web-site
and newsletter publishers with your "resource box" attached. A
resource box is nothing more than a little 3-6 line "bio" about
you and/or your web-site - including a link to your site (or even
instructions on how to subscribe to your newsletter)...

When submitting or offering your article(s) for reprint
purposes, just make sure to specify that each article is to be
reprinted "as is" with your resource box attached.

...Even one article can go a LONG way towards generating no cos*t
traffic and visitors for you. Just imagine your article being
sent out to a newsletter subscriber base of 100,000 individuals
- many of whom will be reading YOUR included resource box and
clicking on your URL to learn more about what you have to offer!

Well there you have it, 5 sure ways to build your online
business exponentially with the help of articles and content...

With the declining effectiveness of many of the online
advertising methods that we've relied on in past years, content
is only strengthening its position as the ultimate KEY to
generating unlimite*d traffic, subscribers, and customers!

About the author:
Robert Kleine is owner of numerous websites and has been actively marketing online for over five years.

Use Free Articles To Create High Quality Backlinks Part I
By Ispas Marin

Nowadays,we have created numerous methods so as to bring about well defined backlinks for a particular web site.On one hand, there is the well-known pattern to use the reciprocal link;on the other hand, some use various directories to place their site to.Moreover, there are persons who take advantage of both of these techniques.

In the recent period of time, an increasing number of people have started to engage the syndication of original articles in order to build their link popularity. A reason for this is the fact that these articles employ permanent links from many pages, chosen by means of keywords and sharing the same topic.Needless to say, there are some steps to be accomplished so that there is a certainty in the syndication of the article, as well as its undoubtable quality.

1)Writing articles of an undoubtable quality

The syndication of the article is always connected to its type. The quality of an article is the first aspect being chosen by webmasters who will reprint it.In addition, the spelling and grammar must be perfect with the aim of covering the widest syndication. As webmasters are in the need of widely-researched and perfectly-written the accent should be placed on all aspects.

Furthermore, the status of 'the place to put the link in the resource box' should be surpassed; the purpose of that particular article is to make itself interesting this being a condition for it to be syndicated on the websites with Pagerank and high quality. It is also the syndication of an article which can cause the copying of the article on many websites.

Moreover, the creation of many links comprising of quality articles will be finalized in the growth of a site's traffic, due to the fact that its popularity will attract a wider audience. The wider the audience is the more accessed will be the resource box.

2)Manually submission of Related sites

Another pattern for an increase of an article's syndication is to create a form for submitting the related sites. It is well known that best syndications come from high quality sites employing a specific niche not only articles banks. For instance, there are websites which accept only articles which have to do exclusively with the field of business. The webmaster of a site dealing with business will write an article having as main theme 'business' and submit it to the above-mentioned sites.As a consequence, the other business sites could take notice of quality article from this field syndicate it on their own sites. This is the way related links appear and improve the search engine of a site.

This are only the first steps for reaching the ultimate level of a high quality article. Watch for the following.